January Thaw

So everyone is freaking out about how it's 50 degrees and pouring rain with a chance of thunderstorms later, but I know this is normal. It happens every year and is crucial to my mental health. Let's say cold is not my favorite weather. It reminds me that there will eventually be an end to the freezing. And I love the little rivers in the street sand, the bigger rivers made on dirt roads, even though those roads are a pain to drive on later. Sorry I still don't have a camera.

My job at the library is still really fun. Yesterday was Casino Night, last week was the donut on a string game, and next week is a drumming workshop. Then I go on vacation. Hooray! Anyone have any brilliant ideas for the anti-valentine's day/love sucks party coming up? Mean candy hearts, making chocolate, making ideal partners out of gigantic gingerbread men. I need a good PG-13 movie and some music suggestions, as well as other funny ideas.