Marketplace is a lovely radio program.

And now they've added a lovely interactive game to edumacate people like you and me about the US budget. It's way harder to make a national budget than it is to decide about which kind of cheese you're going to buy.

Play Budget Hero

Moving to Costa Rica

We went to Costa Rica for vacation in February and by the third day were saying to each other, "We need to find a way to live here." Within a few weeks, Annie had gotten a job as a math and science teacher for grades 5-8 at the Monteverde Friends School. We never made it to Monteverde on our travels, but got close enough to know we're going to love it. So is Toast, our 1 year old black lab. Just call her Jungle Dog. If anyone wants to take our two black cats for two years while we're away, PLEASE let us know.

We will update this blog often while in Costa Rica so that you, our friends and family, can keep up with what we're doing and seeing. But it will be sparse until then. A lot to do before we move out of the country.