Fun outfit or hat

In the packing list, we listed a fun outfit or hat. We've pretty much decided that dinner will be a dress up in said fun outfit or hat affair. So bring one and wear it. Bring two if you want. The dance is yet another time when you could have a costume change if you so desired. If you don't have one - costume, hat or fun outfit - don't worry too much. It's just the best time to use the polyester and gold lame (I can't find the accent on this thing) that's been sitting around in your closet.

Reply Cards

So, apparently the line that says "your names and kids' ages" wasn't totally clear. Someone who shall remain nameless forgot to put their name on their reply card. This person should tell us who they are if they don't want us to be surprised when they show up. They're apparently in Vermont right now - postmarked White River Junction - and are vegetarian and staying at F&W and eating all of the meals. This is all good data, but please, those of you who haven't sent your cards back yet, put your names on 'em. please please please.